Roman Law

Primary Sources

  • The Roman Law Library
    • This website has items in the original language (Latin or Greek) but it also has things organized by category so you can find sources then look them up in English.
  • Avalon Project
    • Collection of Ancient Legal texts and inscriptions translated into English.
  • Digest of Justinian
    • Scott’s mediocre translation of the Emperor Justinian’s opus. It will be better to get your hands on a hardcopy of Alan Watson’s translation.
  • Institutes of Gaius
    • Gaius wrote this textbook on Roman law in the middle of the second century C.E. And another copy of Gaius’ Institutes can be found here.
  • Fontes Iuris Romani Anteiustiniani
    • A collection in Greek and Latin of┬áRoman laws, edicts, senatus┬áconsulta, etc. known in 1893.

What are scholars of Roman law up to?

  • Roman Law Resources
    • This website has some good collections of primary source material – again, not in English, but might lead you to something of import you can then find in English.